Contemporary Art Museum MAC, Santiago de Cile 2016

Zimoun : 200 prepared dc-motors, wooden sticks 2.4m

Motors, wood, metal, power supplies. Dimensions: variable.
Installation view: Contemporary Art Museum MAC Santiago de Chile.
Coordinated by MAC by Alessandra Burotto.
Produced by MAC by Mónica Bate, Alejandra Caro and Claudio Muñoz.
Production coordination on site by Daniel Tirado.
Project coordination by Florian Buerki and Ulf Kallscheidt.
Assisted by Alexandre Boulé, Andrea Villa and Boris Lancelot.
Assisted on site by Guide Aguilera, Pamela Cañoles, Renzo Filinich, Camila Fernández, Jorge Gajardo and Álvaro Pimentel.
Supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and the Swiss Embassy in Chile.


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