Bells and spells
Victoria Thiérrée Chaplin, Aurélia Thiérrée

Festival dei 2Mondi, Spoleto Italy 2018

Produced by Change Performing Arts, Théâtre les Célestins Lyon, Théâtre Atelier Carouge Genève

video tv, 01’44’’ - 2018

Pinch yourself: Aurélia Thierrée perfects the art of the steal on stage.
The Guardian


Bells and Spells follows Aurelia Thierrée’s peculiar journey as an incurable kleptomaniac who is at the mercy of the objects that she steals. A coat hanger starts to walk, chairs and a table slide and slip away, while a wall opens up to reveal a pair of dancers, and a dress suddenly takes on a life of its own.Using ethereal imagery and unpredictable props, this enchanting piece of physical theatre blends the wonderful with the strange. Neither logic, reason nor seriousness has a voice as Aurelia Thierrée and dancer Jaime Martinez guide you through a story which combines surreal humour and a sense of magic.


Aurélia Thierrée, nei panni di una inguaribile cleptomane, si ritrova improvvisamente in balia degli oggetti di cui cerca di impadronirsi. Meccanismi improbabili, strani incontri, carillon impazziti e mille altre sorprese in un continuo e imprevedibile gioco teatrale.

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